Who Are We:

NOLTRIX (Pty) Ltd was in the making from 2009. We started by making small custom electronics for businesses that needed personalized yet professional user interfaces for their products but did not have the technical know how or means to do so. As the years passed we were involved in many projects from electronics to custom housings to emergency/security lights. We develop products from concept to final product, with packaging and manuals, for companies as well as individual entities.

We realized we had a customer base that had great ideas but had no idea how to make their ideas a reality. The technicalities that come with developing a product, thinking outside the box and most importantly looking at all the variables that might influence your product is sometimes extremely hard to overcome.

With a few successful projects over the years we had interacted with most of the manufacturing industries, laser cutting, water jetting, injection molding, blow molding, rotomolding, machining just to name a few.

From this knowledge NOLTRIX was born.

A company that developes cost effective products specifically for you, doing all the right things at the right time, so you don’t have to.

At NOLTRIX we don’t believe in providing subpar products or services. We aim to provide our customers with an exceptional experience, product and service.

Honesty, dedication, efficiency and teamwork are the pillars we are built on in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.

Together we can make all your dreams a reality.

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